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    NorCal is a professional Esports organization that focuses on producing quality content, engaging with our community, and building positivity. NorCal was established in 2017 and with hard work and dedication, we have been able to grow our roster size to nearly 100 with over 300,000 supporters across 6 social media platforms. We hope you choose to join our amazing community. We thank you for your support to make this family possible. Together, we will make a positive impact and inspire future generations to come.



    Aimee Jade

    My name is Aimee but most people refer to me as Aimsey. I''m from the United Kingdom and I have had the dream of becoming a streamer ever since I'd watch Syndicate play Minecraft in 2011. People say I'm the most energetic person they've met, and with the help of Juggernaut I can enhance that energy and use it for good while I'm streaming! I love to play anything, and even if I'm not the best I'm sure to have fun no matter what. You can find me streaming almost everyday at 4pm EST, come check me out sometime! It'd be great to see you!