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    What is Juggernaut Energy?

    Juggernaut Energy is a 0 calorie sugar-free Nootropic Formula centered around the award-winning Cognizin ® Citicoline.

    What is Cognizin ® Citicoline?

    Cognizin ® Citicoline is a clinically studied potent brain nutrient that can increase the amount of citicoline present in the brain. Citicoline is found in every single cell of the human body and is an essential part of healthy brain function. Once citicoline enters the body, it gets broken down into two different compounds, choline and uridine. Once separated, they both travel throughout the bloodstream until they have reached the brain where they reconnect and become citicoline again. This is where the magic happens, citicoline starts promoting healthy brain function by enhancing blood flow, assisting neurotransmitters, strengthening cell structures, fueling mental processes as well as increasing focus, concentration and overall cognitive health and function.

    Why take Cognizin ® Citicoline?

    Most brain enhancing supplements very narrowly focus on one specific function of the brain but not Cognizin Citicoline. Cognizin Citicoline focuses on a variety of different functions in the brain that vary from increased brain energy all the way down to maintaining brain membranes. For more information, visit the Cognizin Citicoline tab.

    Is there caffeine in Juggernaut Energy? 

    There is 175mg of Caffeine in each serving of Juggernaut Energy.  That's roughly the same amount found in a large coffee. We recommend starting with just one serving per day to see how your body tolerates this awesome energy formula.

    What ingredients are in Juggernaut Energy? 

    Cognizin® Citicoline, Caffeine anhydrous, Huperzine-A, L-Theanine, Mucuna Pruriens & Vitamin C

    How does Juggernaut compare to traditional energy drinks?

    Energy Drinks leave you with energy jitters and a drained feeling at the end, or what some people refer to as the crash! Juggernaut doesn't come in a can. Instead, it mixes with your own clean water and will provide you with hours of good, clean energy without any crash or jitters. It's strong enough if you're looking for a serious boost in Energy and Focus. Juggernaut is also healthy for you and even strong enough to replace your daily morning coffee while leaving you energized all day.