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    Step Your Game Up: The Ultimate Gamers Style Guide

    Video games or online games are not anything new; these games entered our lives some decades ago. But with technology improving day by day, now, you can play online games anywhere, be it your home, work, or school; you are just a click away from entering the gaming world.

     With time online gaming has turned into a gaming arena. They have their own competitions, tournaments, and live streaming. However, there is not a proper dress code for these competitions, but there are some clothes that can be worn best in such tournaments. As comfy athletic gears play a key role in physical games, your clothing choice in online gaming also plays a vital role. Just like the caption on your clothes speaks the volume for you, it helps immensely in distracting your competition.

     Gamers nowadays have become celebrities with having a huge fan following online. Their fans follow them religiously in whatever they do or wear. Initially, they made oversized T-shirts and shorts a trend, and now the streamers have moved to more comfy, urban styles of clothing mixed with luxurious sense. Many big brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton team up with these super popular gaming celebrities or teams for their special editions.

     Here we have jotted down a trendy gamers style guide that would help you wear the right clothes for your online gaming tournaments or videos.



    The pandemic introduced the gaming world to the new term loungewear. It was the time when the online streamers opted to wear more comfortable and decent clothes; the branded jeans were replaced by pajamas, free-styled jerseys, and hoodies. Nintendo Store and Uniqlo are the few known brands that offer great quality loungewear with some popular game characters and designs. Adidas is quite famous in gaming circles around the world for its super comfortable clothing range and sneakers.

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    Streetwear and Loungewear are two types of clothing that actually defines the gaming culture. Famous sports brands like Champion and HyperX have their special collections of streetwear. Logo Tees, Hoodies, Denim Jackets, and sweatpants are the styles that come under streetwear lines. These brands collaborate with popular game influencers and sports teams to make their styles common among the masses. Hoodies with bold graphics or logo is a pretty much common gaming culture. If you go to any gaming events, the most common clothing is a team-branded hoodie with captions or logos that reflects the team's identity. Even if you ever notice your favorite gaming influencer online, you will find out that most of them love wearing streetwear hoodies as they are comfortable for a longer period. So yes, we can say that hoodies and Tess are certainly the most common clothing used in gaming circles.


    The term teamwear is used for people who wear the same clothes or clothes with captions that make them one team. This is pretty common in-game events; you will find people with the same ensemble if you go to any of such events. Just like you see people dressed up in tuxedos and booties in casinos, people in gaming events usually wear branded joggers, jog pants, and T-shirts. You will hardly find anyone dressed up formally in the online gaming industry, even if they are at the award shows.


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    No Look is Complete without Shoes: 

    Since shoes play an important role in your overall dress code, cool and funky sneakers are the type of shoes that are pretty common in gaming events. There is a special edition of sneakers called Ninja X by Adidas original, which they specially designed with the mega-famous video gamer Tyler Blevins commonly known as Ninja. These pairs of sneakers sold out immediately and made sneakers the most trending sports gear for video gamers. White sneakers are also very popular in gaming circles as they are neat and give an overall clean look.   

    Hats Are for All Times: 

    Most famous streamers believe that their attire is incomplete without a hat. Hats are for all times; they make you look great and confident. From beanies to the baseball cap to bowlers or fedoras, many sportsmen and even video game characters wear hats. Be it Mario, Bison from Street Fighter, or Pokemon; there's one thing common in them all the hats. Similarly, gamers also wear hats to look more stylish; there are also gamers who wear headphones over beanies or baseball caps, which can also be their unique style statement.  

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    Nothing Can be Comfier than Jog Pants: 

    Yes, you read it right! Not only online gamers but most athletes find jog pants as the most comfortable sports gear. It's the most running apparel that is sold online or in-store as it is easy to wear and stylish. When it comes to sports brands, H4X is the best in the business. It's known for making fashionable yet comfy Loungewear and tracksuits. The sleek matte black jog pant in scuba fabric from H4X is specially designed for gamers. This versatile jog pant is in a relaxed fitting, which looks perfect when paired with a hoodie or jersey.

    Jeans Can Perfectly Fit Anywhere: 

    Although comfortable and cool Loungewear is now the reigning clothing style in the gaming industry, there are still streamers who prefer wearing jeans in their videos or to different tournaments. The best thing about this year is that it brought back the baggy jeans trend in the business. As we discussed earlier that streamers usually wear relax fit outfits, so the trending baggy jeans of 2022 are the first choice of gaming circles. Levi's Original fit and lose fit men's jeans are the most sensational thing for gamers around the world when it comes to wearing jeans at gaming events.

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    Gloves - A NEW Essential in Gaming:

    As online gaming is evolving with time, it is also including new techniques to make the game more professional and prompt. Such things include gaming-specific clothing like gloves which is one the most useful things to wear in gaming events. This piece of cloth keeps your hands warm and provides a great grip. If you are someone whose hands get sweaty and cold while playing games, then gloves are the best thing to improve your performance and make your fingers play faster. There are some specially designed gloves for gamers that help hold the console or controller for longer periods and support the wrist from getting too much load on joints. Ironclad is the most renowned brand for gaming gloves as they produce light-weighted, breathable gloves with a built in microfiber sweat wipe. 


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