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    The Ultimate Guide To Gaming Energy Drinks:

    Are you looking for a competitive edge? Well then say no more! You are at the right place. This article provides a complete insight into what are gaming energy drinks, and the important factors you need to consider before opting for one. So make sure to read till the end! 

    What are gaming energy drinks?

    • Gaming energy drinks are what pre-workout is to fitness go-ers, the secret to gaining an edge over the competition and the cheat code to being a better gamer! These drinks are meant to enhance a person's energy, focus, reflexes, decision-making and performance. With the gaming and streaming community growing year after year, it's not getting any easier to get to the top. You need to be on your game everytime you play. Being a gamer, it can be difficult to manage the constant rollercoaster of emotions, gaming goes from sudden excitement to aggression to relief. This bumpy ride can be hard to manage by your brain alone.This is where gaming energy drinks come in handy. If you really wish to upgrade your game then a good energy drink is the way to go. Backed by natural nootropics, they can enhance and level up your brain's performance and help you lock in for a long night of gaming. 


    • Gaming energy drinks typically contain caffeine, a stimulant. Caffeine suppresses adenosine, a neurotransmitter responsible for inducing fatigue and sleepiness. This has an effect on the neurons and activates them. In the meanwhile, the brain perceives this situation as an emergency one, and releases the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline initiates all processes necessary for a fight or flight response. It dilates eyes, makes the heart beat faster and the liver to release more sugar into the bloodstream. All these processes have a common effect of making you feel more energized and ready to encounter any challenge head on. 

    Benefits Of Energy Drinks For Gamers:

    • Gamers face a heck of emotional rollercoaster everyday and look to energy drinks for the boost to get them back on track. Here are some of the benefits of energy drinks for gamers:

      ● Increases cognitive behavior and focus
      ● Sharper reflexes and reaction time
      ● Energized mind and body
      ● Quicker decision making
      ● Faster hand-eye coordination

    Factors To Look For In A Gaming Energy Drink:

    • 1. Sugar Content:
      The most common amount of sugar in an energy drink is 36 grams per 16oz. Sugar is a staple of many gaming energy drinks since it gets absorbed quickly and enters the bloodstream fast. However, loads of sugar is not what you want to have on a consistent daily basis. It not only contributes to weight gain but also has adverse effects on your health and can leave you feeling sluggish. We, at Juggernaut Energy provide top tier sugar-free gaming energy drinks. Our gaming energy drinks are perfect for all activities in and outside the game; from gaming to work to school to sports, we got you covered. 

      2. Properly Dosed Ingredients:
      Gaming energy drinks after all, are not just about caffeine and sugar. They contain a lot of other different ingredients as well, which collectively work to enhance cognition and thereby an improved and epic gaming experience. However, an optimal energy drink always has these ingredients and in just the right scientifically backed dosages. For example: if Ingredient X has been researched and found effective at a100mg dosage and the energy drink contains 25mg, it may look good on the product label to have that ingredient but since its under the 100mg dosage, you unfortunately won't be getting any benefit. Typically a quick Google search can help you find the proper dosage or research websites such as Examine can give you a more in depth analysis of each ingredient. 

      Here are some interesting ingredients that some gaming energy drinks have and the proper dosage to look for: them:.

      Huperzine A:
      It is a dietary supplement which has been shown to have great benefits at 200 mcg (not mg). Huperzine helps enhance the effects of Citicoline and is an acetylcholine (helps with learning) inhibitor (prevents breakdown). This results in a higher presence of acetylcholine and research has shown that this helps improve cognitive function, memory, and learning capabilities.

      Mucuna Pruriens:
      Mucuna Pruriens is a good source of L-DOPA, which increases the levels of dopamine in the body. Research studies have shown Mucuna Pruriens to help increase motivation, positive outlook, learning capabilities, attention span, memory recall and creative thinking. You'll want to look for it in dosages of 100mg or higher.

      In humans, a supplementation of 250mg a day has shown an increase in attention and focus as well as an increase in motor speed and memory. Anything lower than 250mg hasn't shown much benefit.

      3. No Proprietary Blends:
      A “proprietary blend” is a group of ingredients that may disclose every ingredient, but not the exact amount of each one. It was designed to help companies prevent other companies from "stealing" there formula and copying it. This is done by the brands by using catchy and appealing group names (blend, complex, matrix, etc.) in order to attract a large amount of consumers.

       However, brands took this as an easy way to deceive customers, sprinkle small dosages of each ingredient so they can include it on the label, look good and you would never know it was such a small and ineffective amount that would never benefit you. You can never be sure if a company is doing that or not when you see a blend but in our opinion, it's not worth buying a product that uses blends. Look for a company who believes in fully-loaded dosages and transparency like Juggernaut Energy does. 

      4. Transparency:
      As is the case with proprietary blends, transparency is also an important factor when it comes to choosing the right gaming energy drink. Your go to gaming energy drink must have all high quality ingredients, properly dosed with full disclosure on the amounts of each one and you always want a company who puts transparency at the forefront. At Juggernaut, transparency is on of our main principles and values.  We want our community to enjoy our gaming drinks with the peace of mind, that they're getting everything they paid for.


    Why Vitamins Don't Necessarily Make gaming energy drinks Better?

    A common misconception is that vitamins make energy drinks better and thus more effective. If you look at the majority of energy drinks, they load up on vitamins such as vitamin A, E, B3, B6, B9 and B12. Although these ingredients are exceptionally beneficial for your body, they don't serve any immediate purpose in an energy drink. Since the majority of us are already consuming much of these ingredients from other dietary sources and supplements ,we don't really need them in an energy drink. It's not a bad thing but just make sure not to get too attracted to the long list of vitamins and ignore other more important factors (caffeine amount, sugar content and dosage of ingredients).

    looking for a gaming energy drink? we got you covered








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