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    Based on 142 reviews
    super fire!!

    omg the illusion flavor tastes exactly like whatever the white part of a bomb pop tastes like. that or it tastes like pure lemonade but instead of a white powder its blue but somehow tastes like lemonade even tho lemonade isnt blue lol its sooooo goooood!!


    by far my favorite, 10/10 W

    Blue Raspberry

    Illusion is soooo good!

    Just got it today and its fire... can't put my finger on the flavor but its unreal. Definitely the best flavor hands down

    Amazing 🙏

    I was a little skeptical at first but once I tried it I knew it was worth. Really love this stuff helps with workouts, schoolwork and just having a nice boost for the day.

    Blue Raspberry is delicious!

    I order my first tub, which is blue raspberry. I thought flavor was really great and no after taste.

    JGNT Tri Hoodie
    It was ok

    Love the hoodie love the design the concept it’s great looks amazing. However. The size are no where near what they should be a 3x fits more like an XL or hell even a large. And for the cost eh the quality is kind of low.


    One of the best shaker cups on the market and repoing the best esports team

    Pink Lemonade

    This flavor took me back to my childhood. The flavor is fantastic.
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    Very good and not chalky

    The pink lemonade flavor is one of my favorite gaming energy flavors

    Instant classic!

    Strawberry kiwi is so mellow yet invigorating! Just so clean!! I can't get over how perfect the flavor is! Someone needs a promotion!

    Onslaught hits the spot!

    Let me start off by saying, OMFG! The taste is so clean and leaves a pleasant lingering of flavor making you want another drink! And the results aren't lacking one bit either! No jitters, tons of energy, and a beautiful amount of focus! I'm no longer a G-Fuel drinker, I'm a Juggernaut head!

    Already opened

    Powder was everywhere in the box.

    Bought a Jug of NORCAL FROST

    Bought a jug of NORCAL FROST and I’m insanely pleased with it. The effects were a bit more intense than some of the competitors, I noticed. I enjoyed that because it seemed like I was wasting money at that point. So far I have zero complaints. The taste is phenomenal and it really works!

    Pink Lemonade

    do you like tropical splash?

    the bubble gum and this are quite identical in flavour soooo good!

    Tastes just like powdered pink lemonade!

    Lets go this flavour is literally like the childhood pink lemonade you always wished for!

    tropical onslaught

    OMG the tropical onslaught flavor is just AMAZING! its fruit punch but sweeter. almost like it has a mango aftertaste or something. im guessing its mango but i could be wrong. its super good. i love it alot and im glad that i bought it. i own all the other flavors too except the pink lemonade one. thats next on my list. the grape isnt really that great. not enough flavor going on. but ya cant wait to buy from u guys again someday.


    This is by far the best energy drink ever... Mitchell referred me to it.

    Great Taste and energy boost I need

    Tropical Onslaught tastes just like Fruit Punch. And it gives me the energy I need for my mornings. The taste is really bold so I recommend adding a little extra water with it. Its a great coffee replacement for me! Cannot wait to try the other flavors.

    Pink Lemonade

    Taste grew on me and I came to like it. But most importantly I most definitely felt awake and alert after taking it with no crash. So that was the best part for me.

    Shaker cup

    Love the colors and look of the shaker cup-nice, sturdy plastic and it fits in the cup holder in the car!! Powder mixes perfectly with the plastic insert-recommended highly! I would say I will order again but the quality of this one is so stellar, it may last a lifetime! ha!

    Great first impression

    The first impression i got from the company was in PaulCinny's chat. Right out the gate, seemed like a great company. Ordered tropical onslaught, and it was amazing. (I even did a YouTube review 😂) looking forward to ordering more!


    Absolutely love it. Only purchased at first because of OPMarked but definitely a great product. Thank you! OPMarked Shaker Cup when?!