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    Based on 47 reviews

    Lowkey one of the best energy supplements out there.

    High quality

    So when I first order the juggernaut energy i was doing it because my gaming team has a partnership with them but then i tasted it and look into.the ingredients and honestly have fallen in love with it! Only product ill use now


    I love it so much can’t wait to get more

    blue razz

    amazing taste, and gave me just the energy i needed to focus and get through the day


    Shaker is great quality and stays closed. Dropped the shaker and it’s didnt break or spill. Also saving tons of money instead of buying Red Bull every day

    Jugg Review

    I recently partnered my esports team (Peak) with Juggernaut a few weeks ago. This is the first energy drink I have ever tried that is geared towards gaming and I have been loving the product! We plan to keep growing with Jugg and using their products!

    Super good!

    It shipped fast and the blue raz tastes great and definitely boosts energy


    I ordered this tub for one of my players over 2 weeks ago on the 25th of January, its is now the 9th of February and it still hasn't gotten to the destination. I payed over $20 for the fastest shipping option. While I understand that the shipment is going to Canada, for it to take 2 weeks for the package to just need to go straight North, SO FAR I am very displeased. Can't comment on flavor yet as the product has not been received.

    Hello Graham. Not exactly sure why you left a 1 star review. You have contacted our customer support team and we verified the package was shipped out within 24 hours of your order. We have no control over orders once they are shipped. I understand your frustration and that is why we already shipped you another package because DHL couldn’t verify where your package was located. Thank you for supporting Juggernaut Energy.
    Juggernaut blue raspberry Review

    love how the powder actually stays into the water and doesnt float around like other energy formulas, has a really good flavor and 10/10 would recommend to a friend or family and will be buying this product again in the future


    Love this stuff and this flavor is my new favorite. Great as a boost in the morning, or even as a pre workout at the gym. Highly recommended

    Review Video

    As I’ve sent out a few tubs to the winners of the giveaway, one of the winners will be making a review video about your product, his handle is @SpeedyBebop :)


    Best Pink Lemonade Ive ever had, HYPE is REAL

    Pink Lemonade

    I love the shaker. The energy powder itself is very tasty as well.

    Quality Shakers

    Work really well and don’t leak when shaking

    hands down the best, unreal!!

    Best tasting energy drink on the market, nothing better

    Best Energy flavor I have ever had

    The quality of it when I put the powder into the shaker with water it didn’t taste powdery. Also blue raspberry actually tasted like it. On top of being really amazing me and the boys did a full review on that flavor on our podcast at TARR podcast. They all said it was the best energy flavor they have tasted, better than g fuel.

    Gamma replacement

    This will replace my gamma fuel.


    As always, Juggernaut was amazing! Taste is outstanding. Only complaint was it took almost two weeks to get to my house but I think it’s because holiday sales and shipping so busy this time of the year. But super happy!


    Absolutely amazing! The taste is sweet and keeps your mind focused, might be thinking of strawberries now... mmmm... strawberries.. oh and the kiwi!

    Shaker cup

    It was such a good purchase and I use it everyday!

    Fastest Shipping Ever

    Ordered two tubs of Juggernaut around Thanksgiving and got them within days of ordering. Not weeks. (Strawberry Kiwi is the best flavor by the way)

    So Good

    100% Recommend it is so delicious


    It packs such a powerful punch, but at the same time soooo smooth. Mixes perfectly and it isn’t overkill sweet. 11/10 would get again.


    I truly love Juggernaut, the customer service was great and the product was even better! Keep it up.