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    Based on 124 reviews

    This is by far the best energy drink ever... Mitchell referred me to it.

    Great Taste and energy boost I need

    Tropical Onslaught tastes just like Fruit Punch. And it gives me the energy I need for my mornings. The taste is really bold so I recommend adding a little extra water with it. Its a great coffee replacement for me! Cannot wait to try the other flavors.

    Pink Lemonade

    Taste grew on me and I came to like it. But most importantly I most definitely felt awake and alert after taking it with no crash. So that was the best part for me.

    Shaker cup

    Love the colors and look of the shaker cup-nice, sturdy plastic and it fits in the cup holder in the car!! Powder mixes perfectly with the plastic insert-recommended highly! I would say I will order again but the quality of this one is so stellar, it may last a lifetime! ha!

    Great first impression

    The first impression i got from the company was in PaulCinny's chat. Right out the gate, seemed like a great company. Ordered tropical onslaught, and it was amazing. (I even did a YouTube review 😂) looking forward to ordering more!


    Absolutely love it. Only purchased at first because of OPMarked but definitely a great product. Thank you! OPMarked Shaker Cup when?!




    Nice flavor


    What an amazing product every single time!

    NC Frost

    Best flavor I've had in an energy drink, bar none!!!


    Best flavor in my opinion, love this shi* you guys got yourself a loyal customer :)

    Tropical Onslaught is AMAZING!!

    This flavor of juggernaut is my FAVORITE!! It couldn’t be any more tasty! It just exactly like fruit punch and gets me energized for a long day of streaming without feeling hazy. I plan on buying more of this flavor!


    Best flavor ever


    This flavor is really really good, recommend it to anyone and everyone!

    Great product

    I love esports and gaming! I love twizz clan! They sent me here to buy some and I love it 🥰

    NorCal Frost

    Well blended energy drink suitable for gamers and casually day to day drinking loved it

    Amazing Flavor

    I was very surprised on how the strawberry kiwi tasted. It had just the right balance of flavor and actually kinda addicting. I’m overall satisfied with my purchase and will be diffidently reordering when I run out!

    Amazing Fruity Punch

    I taste Tested this Flavor and it has a Tropical wave you wont Regret Helps me get rid of Brain Fog and helps me focus every day this is definitely my new Coffee

    Amazing Qualify

    I recently purchased a t-shirt and I could not be happier! The shirt’s quality is amazing and survived the first wash with no bleeding or shrinking!

    Darn damn dang it

    Very good although I haven’t bought it!


    This shaker cup looks sick. The smoke look to it is fierce and intimidating. I was looking for a new shaker that was bigger and looked cooler than my previous plain blender bottle. Would highly recommend it.

    The new Glacier Freeze

    This stuff is amazing. It tastes like a better version of Glacier Freeze. I would highly recommend it to anyone.


    10/10 love this stuff

    Super Quality

    Wasn't expecting this level of quality...so much superior to any of the other shakers I've bought in the past!!!

    Great quality and durability

    This shaker is not like others, it’s incredibly durable water tight and the decals are great quality. If you’re looking for something that modern and practical this is for you.