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    15 Hacks For Being A Better Gamer: Ultimate Guide to Becoming Unstoppable

    Looking to take your game to the next level? These science-backed tips, tricks and brain hacks will get you crushing the competition in no time...

    Without further ado... the Ultimate Guide to Boosting In-Game Performance and Getting One Step Closer to Becoming Unstoppable:

    • 1. Stimulate your Brain: Have Sugar-Free Drinks

      There's nothing worse than having a big moment in the middle of a match and having a case of the shakes or the dreaded crash because you drank too much sugar-filled soda and energy drinks beforehand. Sticking to sugar-free drinks like water and juice are less likely to cause this and keep you gaming all night long and hopefully to some high-kill games and of course, dubs.
    • 2. Record and Analyze Your Gameplay:

      There is a lot of tutorials on how to improve your game and get better faster but one of the best ways to learn is by analyzing your own gameplay and seeing what you did right and what you did wrong and fixing it the next time you’re in that situation. If it’s something the top pros are doing on a consistent basis, it’s definitely worth looking into.
    • 3. Play With People Better Than You:

      If you're starting a new game, one of best things you can do after learning the basics is by playing with and against players better than you.  Like the saying goes... " Great things never come from comfort zones". This way, you can find out what works and what doesn't work, and you’ll improve your game that much faster and get your skills up to par that much quicker.
    • 4. Get lost in the game – Find the Zone:

      Everybody has heard of the virtues of getting lost in a good book. The same principle applies to playing video games: you want to be wholly immersed in what you're doing, like a fish in water. This can help you stay focused during challenging moments when you have to concentrate on every little thing, and it'll make it that much easier for you to keep track of your surroundings and predict what might happen next. Getting lost in the game isn't just about being absorbed by the visuals and the music—it's about taking on the mindset that if you can get 1% better everyday, you're on the path of greatness. 
    • 5. Ensure You Have All the Gaming Essentials:

      Before even attempting to play any game, ensure that you have everything needed for an enjoyable experience. This includes having a stable internet connection, quality headset, working controller or keyboard and mouse as well as any other gaming accessories you may need to play at your best.
    • 6. Stay Hydrated:

      The brain is nearly 90% water and needs to stay hydrated to function properly at its best capacity. Therefore, drink plenty of water throughout the day while gaming so that your brain gets enough fluids and nutrients in order to function correctly.
    • 7. Eat Better To Play Better:
      When you're playing games, the last thing you want is to be feeling sluggish and hungry— especially when you need to be locked in and focused on the game at hand. Whether eating a healthy breakfast, getting some exercise, or simply drinking plenty of water, the healthy choices you make before gaming can make a huge difference in how you play.
    • 8. Exercise is a Game-Changer:
      Exercising is something us gamers sometimes lack and even just 20 minutes a day can have huge benefits. Simple things like walking the dog or going on a short jog can help with muscle relaxation, which is crucial for keeping your focus sharp and your reaction times quick. Exercise also keeps your stress levels down and will help give you more energy when you need it most.
    • 9. Sleep Well - To Play Well:
      This is a no-brainer; as you know, sleep makes us much more alert and aware of our surroundings, which means we're less likely to miss important information or fail to perform at our peak when we need to be. In terms of gaming specifically, it seems that extra sleep can help people who are having trouble keeping their heads focused on the game (since they're not as physically tired).
    • 10. Keep a Positive Frame Of Mind:
      Be mindful of your surroundings, and remember why you're playing the game in the first place. One thing that can help is keeping a journal of your experiences as you play games—write down what you did, what the objectives were, what strategies worked for you or didn't work for you, and anything that comes to mind that you think could be useful. If something happens during a game that makes you feel like you did something wrong (even if it's something small), take a second to write down your thoughts and feelings on how the situation made you feel—this can help keep yourself centered while also helping you figure out how to improve in future games objectively.
    • 11. Exercise Your Brain In-Game:
      It's not surprising that the best way to improve your gaming performance is to play more games (duh). The science behind it is that you need to learn how to strategize and plan effectively when you play a game. Once this happens, you can execute your strategies better and faster because of muscle memory, which leads to improved performance. Juggernaut Energy is an effective way to ensure that you're giving your brain the ultimate boost it needs to help improve your gaming skills in various games. If you're serious about becoming a better gamer and want to push yourself over the top, you'll want to check out our Pre-Game Fuel.
    • 12. Take Breaks:
      If you're struggling and your performance is starting to dip, it can be tempting to work through it in hopes of playing better down the line. But there's no point in doing so, you’ll only get more frustrated and stressed out. Take an occasional break from playing— it doesn’t have to be anything too long (10-15 minutes) just to destress and get your mind back in the right place and ready to go again.
    • 13. Meditate To Clear Your Head and Develop Focus:
       When playing games, it's essential to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. While you can't meditate entirely away from all distractions—you can at least decrease stress, reduce anxiety and find a level head again. Meditating helps you clear your head because it lets you focus on the present moment. Even if you're not a fan of meditation, taking a few minutes to sit quietly and breath in and out slowly is an easy way to reset yourself at the start of each day or when you get overwhelmed with work, gaming, or life.
    • 14. Think about What You're Doing:
      You never know what will make the difference between a good game and a great one. And even if you know exactly what to do, it doesn't hurt to take a few seconds to think about the situation and all possible scenarios. If you do this, and this happens, how do you react? Or if you do this and that happens, what do you do? The list goes on and on. So even though it seems like common sense, don't forget that sometimes the little things are the most important and can impact whether or not you come away with the win.
    • 15. Improve Your Reflexes:
      Reflexes are another essential aspect of gaming that many people overlook or take for granted when they play video games. Most gamers have developed good reflexes through years of practice, but there are ways that you can improve them even further… try and expose yourself to a variety of different gaming environments and situations so you can always be prepared for what gets thrown your way in a match. 

    Looking to boost your energy, focus and performance?

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